Smart Industry Chronicles - Part 2/4: Building the Smart Organization

The Smart Industry Chronicles is a series of four articles providing insight into how to successfully transform into Smart Industry Operations. In the first article, we discussed how to design the Smart Operating Model (SOM) that defines our future ways of working. Now it is time to set up the team that will create the digital roadmap and lead the transformation work on the shop floor. Part 2: Building the Smart Industry organization With the Smart Operating Model (SOM) in place, it is time to detail the design and plan the change journey. The first step in this process is to setup the cross-functional team that will drive and deliver the transformation. In businesses that are immature when

Smart Industry Chronicles - Part 1/4: Defining the Smart Operating Model

All current recognized examples of full-scale Smart Industry implementations, a.k.a lighthouses have one thing in common: they were made in brownfield manufacturing environments. This makes sense for most incumbents today, since most of them are not opening up new manufacturing plants. Moving to smart industry in existing supply chain networks and manufacturing environments is significantly harder than building from scratch. In order to be successful, we need to take into account factors such as current operational maturity, existing IT infrastructure and internal transformation capabilities. The Smart Industry Chronicles is a series of four short articles providing insights into how to succ

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