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At reLean we are passionate about operational excellence and improving the performance of your organisation, your teams and your employees.


reLean was founded by a group of people who started their careers on the shopfloor at Toyota manufacturing plants around the world and then went on to transform global organisations as a part of McKinsey & Company’s operations practice. This gives our people an unrivalled combination of deep Lean expertise, the ability to drive improvement on the ground and then combining those two with the experience of coaching and working with the most senior leaders of the largest organisations in the world.


However the reason for founding reLean and what really sets us apart from other consulting firms are our core beliefs in



what it takes to be a true partner to your organisations and that is:


  • Sustainable bottom line results and capability building

  • Bringing the best of reLean to your situation

  • Complete trust and transparency


What that means in real terms is that we will not rest until you have an organisation that has achieved a step change in performance and is sustaining that performance without any hand holding from external consultants. We will not use your organisation as a “training ground” for junior consultants and we will always strive to bring our best people to your organisation and finally… We tell it like it is, no sugar coating or fancy presentations to hide problems, we expect our clients to treat us with the same professionalism and respect.

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