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“The need for high-performing change leaders is constant”

Defining the assignment

Executive search is a structured and thorough process. At reLean the process also includes highest commitment from two senior consultants, one with long experience from Executive Search and one with long experience within Operations/Supply chain/Smart Industry. We staff our assignments with the best suitable consultants to deliver high quality and within a shorter timeframe than most competitors. To be able to have higher attention on our assignments we only handle 2-3 assignments per consultant at a time.

We start with getting to know you as well as possible. To understand your challenges we come to you and meet with hiring manager(s) and key stakeholder(s). We typically spend 1 day “on site” taking a structured tour to gain a thorough understanding of your organisation; challenges, business goals, culture, team composition etc. We interview as many as possibly to understand the requirements.


We tailor the profile and requirements in close collaboration with our clients. After completing a ‘prospect’ we align again, and then we know not only what we are to source, also to best represent our client when approaching the market.

Finding the right candidates

Being niched within Operations/Supply chain/Smart factory means not only big comprehension of what we are sourcing for, it also means a strong and vivid network herein. We put pride in discussing with our network who and why a specific person should be part of our process, sourcing through target companies and mapping the market that matches the assignment. Every assignment has a research-fase tailored for the specific assignment. When approaching potential candidates we understand what we are talking about. This is what differences us other recruitment firms and is what niched executive search is all about.

Meeting with candidates

At this stage we have gone from targetlist to longlist and aiming towards a shortlist. A shortlist is the candidates we later on want to present to client. Those we found being the strongest match on the market and highly interested in the challenge and client company. As we as interviewers have different perspectives meeting candidates, we evaluate candidates from ourselves having a long experience from senior manager positions within Operations and therefor being strong asset in evaluating experience. This in combination with consultants with long experience from executive search evaluating such as leadership skills, motivation and personality. We offer a unique service with these two different perspectives to find the strongest candidates on the market.


We have talked to and met with the candidates several times in our co-pilot team before presenting them. During a presentation we have put together a candidate report, describing the output from interviews. We thereafter present them verbally. The purpose is to prepare the client as much as possible before meeting the candidates so that they can discuss the most crucial topics and have a head start of knowing who they are meeting and can prepare the meeting thereafter. Before a presentation the candidates are well prepared also on their side. We are by our clients and candidates side during the whole process.


We put value in long-term relationships and therefor always include a guarantee in our contracts.  


We are very committed to our clients and candidates success. We follow-up with both parties throughout the process. For us both Client and Candidate is king.

Selected references 
"reLean har varit en samarbetsparter av avgörande betydelse i att etablera Orklas Operational Excellence. De har med god träffsäkerhet hjälpt oss att rekrytera starka förändringsledare med rätt mix av kompetens och erfarenheter från Management Consulting Operations och operativt ledarskap. reLean har med sitt tydliga fokus på supply chain operations, visat på hög förståelse för våra förväntingar och levererat ”peoples persons” som uppnåt goda resultat och starkt bidragit till teamets utveckling. Vi värdesätter reLean som samarbetspartner. ”
—  Asbjørn Bonvik, Senior Vice President Operational Excellence, Orkla och Mikael Harder, Vice President Operational Excellence Orkla
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