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Operations Consulting

We help your organisation achieve and sustain a step change in performance. Taking, or developing, your strategy as a starting point, we tailor a Transformation program best suited to you using our experience and expertise. With our innovative model, incorporating experienced interim managers and recruitment services we are able to design a implementation approach that meets all your needs.

Shortcut Everything!

Our commitment is to provide the most relevant expertise to our clients to help solve their problems. In doing so, we are a very different kind of consulting company that relies heavily on a network of highly capable and experienced consultants instead of a large group of employed consultants. 

This means we never need to take into account our own staff utilization, development need of junior consultants or any other internal challenges that may otherwise conflict with providing the best possible service to you. Instead, we can offer more experienced consultants that focus their attention to developing your people (instead of ours), more flexible models and more competitive prices! 

Our approach: Strategy & Implementation
reLean helps you develop your strategy...
...and implement it!

Define start

Create strategy

Make plan

Lead the program

Recruit your team

Interim support


With our broad and distinct experience, we are able to assess your current state and size the financial potential, create the target operating model and growth strategy as well as making the implementation plan together with your team. We have helped over 200 companies create successful strategies in all industries

reLean offers fully flexible solutions on resourcing your improvements. We can recruit your team, lead the change ourselves or supply any number of change leaders and managers in temporary roles during the improvements . The fact that we offer all solutions, means we do not need to 'sell you' the only solution we have, but rather suggest what is best for you

Our functional focus

reLean is founded by ex-Toyota managers. This is our bread and butter. We transform your operations with a holistic view of processes, quality, reliability, planning & scheduling and asset productivity. We work out what drives results and performance for you and then build a transformation programme around it.

Product development

Back in the 1970s, Toyota gained a competitive advantage by halving the development time of a new vehicle while also improving quality. Today, the key success factor of online start-ups builds on the same principle: minimise their development cycle and constantly push the "maturity curve" of their products. We bring you the experience and tools to do this, whether you’re developing a new spacecraft, designing a house or building the next killer app.

Supplier management and development

You’re only as strong as your weakest link. Our approach to supplier management and development is a direct derivative of how Toyota manages its suppliers. It helps you gain control and visibility of your suppliers and, as a result, improves the quality, delivery and cost performance.

Smart Factories and Supply Chains
Organisational health and performance 

Some call it “Hoshin Kanri”, others “policy deployment” or “strategic implementation”. We call it “The Lean Ecosystem”. This is where you connect your corporate vision and strategy to actual, on-the-ground improvements that hit the bottom line. We have successfully helped organisations to design, implement and refine these systems and processes.

Service Operations

Regardless what functional area, a diagnostics is always a good start!

Align ambitions and size the prize

Ensure everyone sees the same problems, same opportunities, same potential and most importantly the same direction

Stop discussing - get started

Getting external support to build a fact base usually speed up the work significantly and reduces subjective discussions by assembling a good fact base

Get an external perspective

Our team has not worked 20 years in your business, but we have seen 100 other businesses and done several diagnostics. Providing an outside perspective may help to see things that you are not able to see when being in the middle of everything firefighting your way ahead

We provide many different diagnostics for different purposes, but they are always designed for an intended outcome. Typical diagnostics are; operational excellence diagnostics (e.g., answer questions like 'how much could we improve profits through operations?' or 'what would it take to double capacity?'), 10,000 mile check-ups (e.g., 'how well is our operational excellence program running?') and digitalisation readiness assessments (e.g., how can we benefit from digitalisation and what do we need to do?)

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