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Lean Production

We have created an online production system with texts, definitions, images, templates, examples and tools for an ever-growing proportion of lean and operations practitioners. All available for free with no login requirements. Click your way through the image below and discover details of Lean production that is only talked about in the heart of Toyota's production facilities.

The most common symbol associated with Lean is the Temple, or the Lean house. Actually this never existed at Toyota, but was created when the Toyota Production System was applied outside Toyota. Internally there were two pillars, Just-in-Time (production philosophy) and Jidoka (quality assurance). The house foundation of Standardisation was established to help companies understand that the foundation of everything is based on standardised processes and procedures, something Toyota took for granted. Leadership and PPS was added to explain the culture that is ingrained in Toyota managers and employees. This was also something not described at Toyota until the 90s when they needed to export its culture to its facilities in Europe, US and other regions outside Japan.


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