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reLean thinking

Det är vårt jobb att hjälpa organisationer nå och bibehålla en markant förbättring av sin prestanda. För oss är det viktigt att göra detta på rätt sätt, både i hur vi själva agerar som företag och personer men också i vilken metodik vi lär vära klienter. Vi vill förändra synen på Lean till det positiva sätt att utveckla organisationer det ska vara. Våra värderingar är därför viktiga för oss och något vi alltid samlar oss bakom i detta arbete.

Long-term commitment to clients and society

Our clients mean everything to us and we have a long-term commitment to help them achieve their ambitious targets. Working closely together, we ensure our short-term decisions always support their long-term direction. We aid the growth of our local society by developing the strength and competitiveness of both large organisations seated locally and smaller start-ups. Since the start of reLean, we’ve been a passionate donor to Unicef, Heart and Lung Foundation, Child Cancer Foundation, Children’s Diabetes Foundation and Children's Heart Foundation.

Respect for People

Results are achieved by people, not companies. We believe that developing people is the only way to achieve – and sustain – better performance. We also believe in equal rights and opportunities: that every individual should be respected and valued as the individual they are. For our clients, this means that we will always serve you on an individual and personal level, we are always transparent with our perspectives and beliefs, and we will tell it like it is – with your best interest in mind.

re-teach Lean

One of the reasons we founded reLean was to "re-train" the world in Lean. Hence our name: “re-teach Lean” = reLean. We believe that too many organisations and individuals have got Lean completely wrong, or isolated as a toolbox in their production environment. To us Lean is a fundamental business philosophy that needs to be built into organisations from the CEO, across support functions and down to front line operators. When Lean is set up, deployed and nurtured correctly it will deliver significant results year on year. We are on a journey to help our clients and the world achieve nothing less than true Lean excellence.

True expertise

Only consult if you are an expert; if someone else has a better answer to a question or solution to a problem, let them lead the work. This means that we always provide our clients with experts who have been in the trenches before and can be real leaders in the transformation journey. We do not use our client work as a training ground for junior consultants. We invest heavily in developing our people to ensure we can bring the best experts to our clients.

Empower and engage

Improvements should be fun and engaging. Yet most people do not see transformations as fun at all. It's often viewed as just more work or something that will put their jobs at risk. We are energetic, empowered and engaging consultants who are passionate about transformational work. We create the same empowered, collaborative and inspiring platform to drive improvements wherever we go – bringing the fun and energy back into your improvement work!

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