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Title and description
Digitisation made succesful using Lean automation principles
Four partners from three reLean offices describes what it takes to succeed with your digitisation work using the same principles that allowed Toyota to be successful with Lean. 
Apr 2016
J Svanäng
M Grauers
I Barclay
C Brett
J Gudiol
Time Management - take control of your time
Feb 2015
J Svanäng, I Barclay
Are you struggling to manage your own time? This introductionary guide is written by two of reLean's founders, alike Lean Experts and serial entrepreneurs, sharing what has helped them and many of their clients succeed in the time they have available.
Problem solving - an important leadership method
Jan 2016
J Svanäng
An introductionary guide to working with Practical problem solving in the way that Toyota is and also being able to benefit from it in the same way. This guide is suited to read before launching a problem solving programme or to get some idea about how to turn around a non-working problem solving effort.
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