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Diagnostics and Operational Due Diligence

Throughout the improvement journey several assessments should be made to ensure the trajectory, direction and ability to deliver expected strategy is in good shape. The standard strategic direction, likewise the minimum ownership horizon in mid and large cap is 5 years. Planning strategically for any shorter horizon should rather be considered tactical. However, the increasing short-term profit targets sometime incentives the short-term planning horizon rather the longer term, hence we have developed a suite of assessments to help leaders ensure they are achieving both the short-term and long-term ambition and most importantly not tampering with the short-term ambition at the expense of the long-term strategy. To do this, we must understand both commercial strategy, operational strategy and the organisational capacity, capability and culture to successfully drive change. Below we have illustrated when we tend to help companies with what assessments

5-year strategy delivery cycle

Due diligence

Change mgt maturity assessment (1)

Tech readiness assessment

Operations scan

Excellence assessments

Change mgt maturity assessment (2)

Exit due diligence

10,000 mile check-up





Next strategy cycle

Quick wins

During the start starting strategy phase we always conduct due diligence aligned with the commercial strategies to figure out what will be expected from operations over the coming 5 years and how much money it is worth. Immediately afterwards we suggest launching a few scans to capture quick wins in working capital and material cost to fund the remaining part of the improvement journey.

What happens after this depends on the focus of the company and the improvement strategy, but there's normally a larger diagnostics built of a few different focuses launched to develop the detailed strategy delivery plan.

at reLean one of our most important reminders for clients is to do a change management maturity assessment to figure out the current capacity and capability to drive change. Improving this ability will have significant, if not completely crucial, effect on the strategy achievement. To many companies forget to ensure their organisation can actually deliver what is needed. And they fail.


Jonas Svanäng

+46 (0) 70 698 7755

Our Tech Readiness Assessment helps clients get ready for adoption of IoT by preparing processes and workflows

Our diagnostics

Our diagnostics

Part of reLean academy

Operations scan

reLean frequently conducts operations scans to identify how much for instance capacity could be increased or what it would take to meet a certain Right First Time level. A scan typically takes 2-4 weeks and gives a clear understanding of the current situation, financial potential and improvement levers

10,000 mile check-up

Putting our experience to absolute best usage, we help make a 10,000 mile check-up on your current strategy and improvement program to give you needed new energy, remove roadblocks or set needed directional change to your program. Depending on program size, scan takes 1-2 weeks.

Tech Readiness Assessment®

Our TRA is developed to help clients prepare for adoption of new technology in creating value for their customers. We assess how to create the right processes and data management in R&D, Production, supply chain, customer service etc to fully benefit form adopting Advanced Analytics, Internet of Things, Customer Measurement Systems etc.

Due Diligence

reLean conducts operations due diligence sizing the financial potential in operations from prospective investments. We also make a light maturity assessment to understand the prospects ability to drive change. Depending on openness of the transaction and the number of sites we offer varied length of the DD's.

Change Mgmt Maturity Scan®

Our CMMS combines listening to your organisation and leaders, finding facts, observations and track-record of change capacity, capability and culture from the past combined with understanding the expectation for the future to define how well equipped you are to actually manage the change. The CMMS takes 4 weeks.

Excellence assessments

We offer tailored and specific made excellence assessments in areas like; Supplier management and development, Lean, Quality, Lean Leadership, R&D, Customer Service, Planning, Project Management, Human Resources and Service Operations. The assessments are always made by a very experiences assessor with a spike in topic knowledge and strong track-record


Jonas Svanäng

+46 (0) 70 698 7755

Example projects

Medtech company

Situation: Company had many years of positive growth, but low and unimproved profit margins

Approach: Together with the company, reLean launched a full diagnostics on the main production site identifying significant operational potential and ran a series of workshops with the operations management team to create action plans.

Results: Company improved profit margin >200% and share priced has since increased >400%

Basic Materials company

Situation: Organisational, technology  and demand-driven challenges left customer service team greatly under capacity with several people checking out on long term illness

Approach: Process mapping and organisational scan identified over 60 significant pain points that could improve capacity almost 50%. Solutions were designed.

Results: After a few months the team had already implemented half of the solutions and reached a sustainable capacity situation

Construction company

Situation: Company struggled to get projects up to needed profits, leaving an average profit close to zero and significant liquidity risks

Approach: reLean and the company conducted assessment on several projects across most regions and developed a improved target operating model with focus on Right first Time

Results: New target operating model developed allowing up to 62% more revenue to be generated and project profits increasing up to 80%

Example projects
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