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We have transfered our vast Lean resource center, wikiLean, from our previous web-collaboration space into this. We are in the process of translating the vast amount of material from Swedish to English so please be patient with us a we go through this process.


reLean's Lean Ecosystem

We have developed reLean's Lean Ecosystem to describe the landscape a company needs to create to ensure full use of Lean in their operations. Based on our experience in implementing Lean our experts are developing an answer of what it takes to capture all the benefits of Lean. In 2017, we will gradually create this part of our website and migrate the old parts below it.

Most read
reLean Production System

Check out our production system sections, packed with articles, descriptions, pictures, models, templates, examples, online tools, fact-finding and more! Everything is available completely free of charge and without logins. reLean Production System is growing every passing day and contains all important elements of a lean production system. The most popular sections are problem solving, quality, standardization, Just-in-Time and maintenance.

Lean Leadership

In the same way as we offer an online production system, we have a large section on Lean management containing articles, descriptions, pictures, models, templates, examples, online tools, fact-finding and more. Everything for free of course. reLean's Lean Leadership model contains both soft leadership pieces and the more harder physical infrastructure that are required

Latest updates
Lean Logistics

Logistics is critical for many areas such as production, purchasing and quality. However, it is an area that often fall between the cracks a bit when neither production, purchasing or quality takes real responsibility for the end to end logistics flow. And logistic flows are end to end processes. We have combined the best of Lean and Supply Chain Management to create an initiative on Lean Logistics - Logistics as Toyota does it!

Supplier Development

Closely related to logistics is purchasing. Todays global supply chains with outsourced manufacturing and development requires excellence in supplier management and supplier development. Any business that aspires to success must do a lot of work to create a strong and stable supply chain and procurement. We have created a focused initiative to look more at the Supplier Management and Development.

The Top 100 improvement methods is a compilation of the 100 most common and impactful improvement tools that companies use today. There are of course many other improvement tools and variations of what is presented here. If you have any suggestions on other approaches or improvements on classical tools then don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Top 100 improvment methods
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